Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Day to Take in Some Sights

Today was our last day in NYC, but we had until mid-afternoon to take in more sights. We went to the Empire State Building where we learned we would have a "restricted view" on the 86th floor since it was a cloudy day. We didn't care - up we went!
As we left the Empire State Building, I took a photo of this rather wonderful cop car; we saw them a lot throughout the city and pictured them giving chase to criminals who no doubt own 2011 super-charged SUVs. Will the good guy catch the bad guy!!!

Bob and I then split up (again, not permanently!) and later found out we had each walked dozens and dozens and dozens of blocks. I headed to the Public Library where I was in awe of the interior. The exterior was mainly shrouded for some work they were doing on the building.

Who could argue with this sign?

And imagine entering a library through these doors. WOW! Katie Bell, those doors to the good old W.C.S. library just don't compare.

Later Bob and I met at Grand Central Station ... at the clock naturally. Unfortunately it was the wrong time of day for me to get the sun filtering through the windows as is seen in so many famous photos of the building.

The Chrysler Building is very near to GCS.

We must have been crazy to drive to NYC last time. Look at this price!

And so ended a great week in New York. Eight Broadway Shows, the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, the Big Apple Circus, miles of travel on foot and by subway, lots of tourist sights, lots of people watching - happiness.

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