Friday, November 12, 2010

Perfect Blue Skies

I was channeling Vanessa today when I found the Rockefeller Christmas tree being unloaded from the flatbed. I went back later to see if the job was done and found the tree looking a little shaggy. No doubt the five miles of lights that are added will fill in the empty spots.
No women took up my offer to be their personal shoe shopper so now I am making the same offer to men. Marlin, can I interest you in the pink shoes???

I love this photo that I took at Rockefeller Center. It may look a little unbalanced but I love that I got the Zamboni driver and the tree. I wonder if Mr. Zamboni Man is Canadian.

Cartiers' is decorated for Christmas ... very pretty.

However, these statues at St. Thomas' on 5th Avenue look very upset by the spending that goes on. Perhaps some of that wealth could be shared with the poor, they seem to be thinking.

I saw this dog walker with his 10 dogs crossing the to get them to Central Park. I can't see all ten dogs in the photo, but there were definitely ten.

Bob and I went to the "Top of the Rock" this morning and it was wonderful but I still want to go up the Empire State Building. We were there early enough that there were only about two dozen of us at the top.

We went to the Rockettes' Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall and it was spectacular. It had a lot of Santa Clausy-y content, but actually ended with the Nativity with camels, sheep, and a mule. The routines of the Rockettes were cleverly choreographed as you can see in the next photo. As well, the addition of graphics and even a part where we all put on 3D glasses combined live performance and digital effects effortlessly.

We also went on the stage door tour of Radio City Music Hall. It was a great way to find out more of the history of the place and to see a few parts of the place you normally wouldn't see. At one point a Rockette in her lovely costume joined the group to answer questions and tell a bit from a performers point of view.
We went to Katz's Deli too. It's been in operation for 122 years and its slogan during the war was "send a salami to your boy in the army." Those of you who have watched the old movie When Harry Met Sally might remember the very famous scene shot in this deli. Bob and I sat one table away from the table. We were probably at the one where the older lady said, "I'll have what she's having."

Tonight we are going to A Little NIght Music. I don't think it can top last night's Billy Elliot. I've
never heard a longer ovation than when Billy danced the dance explaining how he felt when he danced.

We couldn't be luckier with the weather. Each day has been cloudless and in the sixties fahrenheit. I bought a lovely wool coat to wear on this trip and it has stayed in the hotel closet. I would be sweating in it.

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